For a dream, a shame, for joy and sorrow. Plush toys are a remedy for every failure and company in all joys. There is no child's room anywhere in the world without a teddy bear. Usually, stuffed toy is the first toy you buy a new family member. The memory of the first teddy bear in many adults arouses great sentiment. It happens that such a bear accompanies us all our lives. Why such people's love for stuffed animals? Is it because of their charming appearance or soft, encouraging to hug material that won the hearts of children and adults around the world? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. One thing is certain, stuffed animals are still enjoying unflagging popularity. Plush Toys for children are not just teddy bears. There is a whole range of plush toys: animals, little people, cushions, toy cars ... could be exchanged indefinitely. You will also find many stuffed animals reminiscent of fairy tale characters: Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, Peppa Pig - these are just a few examples of mascots modeled on the characters of various cult animations. When looking for a cuddly toy for a child, it's worth asking your kid what his favorite fairy tales are. Every birthday boy or birthday boy should be delighted when he gets the plush image of his fairy tale idol. Plush dogs, cats and teddy bears are often not only suitable for cuddling, but also for interactive play. Thanks to the mechanisms inside, the toys sing, murmur and even move their paws. You can also feed them, cuddle them to sleep and take them for a walk - the repertoire of possible games is basically unlimited. In this category, you will also find comfort dolls that make it easier for babies to fall asleep. Other plush animals that are worth mentioning are puppets perfect for playing in the theater. They can resemble various animals: mice, lions, unicorns, donkeys - all these toys will certainly be excellent actors. Do check out the range on ToysHive

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