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Importance of Educational Toys for Preschoolers

Playing is an important part of children's overall growth. How about teaching them while they are playing. Scientists have discovered the fact that when children are playing they observe things quickly because they put in their efforts. Educational toys can be the best tool to help them learn while they play. So, buy toys that can actually promote healthy mental and physical growth. According to experts, the best educational toys for preschoolers are open-ended like blocks, balls, cardboard boxes, crafty bits, and pieces. These toys encourage and develop children's creative, imaginative and problem-solving skills.

Selecting the Right Educational Toys for Toddlers Or Any Age Group

What is an appropriate toy for my child?

Many parents become puzzled when it comes to selecting the right toy for their kids. It is important to understand that not all children enjoy the same kind of toys. As they grow their choice for toys start changing.

Educational Toys for 1-Year-Old

Toddlers learn from their surroundings by using their five senses- hearing, sight, taste, smell, and touch. At this sensitive age, they need different types of toys such as
  • Picture books
  • Teething toys
  • Rattles
  • Mobiles and safety mirrors
  • Stacking toys
  • Musical toys
  • Infant swings

Educational Toys for 2 to 3 Years Old

As the child steps at the age of 2, he/she wants to walk freely. They are curious to touch things. They like walking, climbing, riding and pushing & starts developing a strong interest in manipulating and problem-solving with objects. At this age, pamper your child with-
  • Small tricycles
  • Puzzle games
  • Movement games
  • Picture books
  • Crayons
  • Clay
  • Push-pull

Educational Toys for 4 to 5 Years Old

When a child grows to 4 or 5 years they reach the pre-school age. Educational toys for 4 years olds should be a little bit more innovative and enjoyable. At this stage, a flood of questions come to their mind and they are curious to know whatever things they observe in their surroundings.
  • Puzzle games, a bit advanced than toddlers but not more than 24 pieces
  • Dress-up games
  • Storybooks
  • Puppets
  • Simple board games

Educational Toys for 6-9 Years

Educational toys for 6 years olds should be something different from preschoolers because they enter to the school-age. Toys imparting knowledge and giving challenges can encourage them to learn & develop cognitive thinking while they play. At this stage, children are influenced by peers and want to play in a group, so they need group activity games.
  • Sports equipment
  • Bicycle
  • Books
  • Roller skates
  • Craft kits like clay and color pencils
  • Board games
  • Memory games
  • Puzzles
  • Building and construction sets

Educational Toys for 10 to 12 Year Olds

What should be educational toys for 10 years old? The pre-teen period starts from 10-12 years. A pre-teen is independent, enjoys the company friends and has social skills. For such children, the standard of toys increases.
  • Books
  • Card and board games
  • Memory games
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Model DIY kits or science kits
  • Art supplies


For growing children, we have a range of stem toys related to science, technology, engineering and math-based to gear the curiosity to increase interest in science and mathematics.

Actions & Toy Figures

Our impressive range of action toys includes Hot Ninja motorcycles, Mini Dalmatian Dog Figurines, Miniature Cat Figurines, Sonic Figures Toys and so on for 2 years to 12-year kids.

Building & Construction Toys

Nurture the thought of how to create a group and building with our innovative range of building and construction toys such as Army Troops, Tetris Building Blocks, Soldiers Medic Team Building, Wooden Sailing Ship, Fire Fighting Building Blocks and much more.

Diecast & Toy Vehicles

It will be interesting to see how your kid uses his brain to join tracks to create a smooth path for the toy train. Our brainy game section has a set of Wooden Railway Tracks, Bridge Rail Scene Tracks, Multi-Layer Electric Train Track and so on.

Stress Relief Toys

Sometimes kids get bored and look stressful. Keep them out from stress with our stress relief toys like Anti Stress Cute Cat Squeeze Mochi, Metal Rainbow Anti-Anxiety Hand Fidget Spinners, etc.

Questions to Ask Before Buying Educational Toys for Preschoolers & Schoolgoers

Toys that can withstand the test of time are well suitable for your toddlers. Unfortunately, many toy manufacturers overlook the safety and durability of toys. So, we have generated some questions that you can ask about toys before buying them.
  • Is the toy appropriate for the child's age, abilities and skills?
  • Is the toy material safe?
  • Are there any potential hazards like sharp edges or loose ties? Does it meet Consumer Product Safety Interests?
  • Is the toy durable or take rough treatment?
  • Is the toy versatile to play more than one game?
  • Does the toy offer hand-eye coordination?

Benefits of Educational Toys for Preschoolers or Schoolgoers

  • Playing is always fun. Educational toys come up as an outstanding tool to teach your children many things without telling them that they are learning.
  • Learning toys help in sensory development. From bright color rattles for toddlers to craft activities for older children to help develop fine motor skills.
  • Educational toys like puzzles encourage children to use their brain & develop cognitive thinking
  • They teach children how to pay attention to a certain object or topic.
  • Educational toys can help grow a child's IQ by retaining memory, motor skills development, coordination, and literacy.
  • These toys help to learn the basics of math & science. Thus, it improves children's performance in their class and increases their self-confidence.
  • Educational toys help to build social and emotional development by encouraging bonding, sharing, leadership and teamwork.
  • Educational toys mold children towards studies by the increasing use of their logic and critical thinking.

Roles of Parents While Introducing Children to an Educational Toy

Parents are their child's first and favorite playmates. When you gift your child an educational toy, your duty towards him is not over. You also need to be involved with him to teach them how to play. Children tend to be more creative, and they love to copy their parents. Your involvement encourages the child to play the game with interest. It also helps in creating in bond with the child and give you an ability to understand the hidden talents of your child. It also makes you the best friend of your child with whom he/she wants to share every emotion.

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